Alex Hern the CEO and founder of Tsunami XR

For the last two decades, Alex Hern has been in the entrepreneurial undertaking vibrantly like never before. During this period, he has been paying close attention to the incubation of the technology firms and startup companies. He is also the co-founder and executive manager of the Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO commonly abbreviated as the INKT. This entity powered and served as the searching technology for the various established firms like Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Similarly, he also worked as the executive manager of the Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO, which is a web directory and an email-marketing firm before the CMGI acquired it. Alex Hern also incepted the Military Commercial Technologies, which is a commercialization incubator for the technology firm. He also found and managed the ARST, which is a cyber-security firm that had already seen its way to the public market before the Hewlett-Packard acquired it. Other establishments by Alex Hern include the foundation of the CloudShield, which is a security firm that was later acquired by the SAIC. Similarly, he has served in various boards of directors where he has contributed immensely.

The foundation of Tsunami

The idea of establishing Tsunami was inspired by the technology advancement where computer users were migrating from the CPU driven computers and embracing a new era of the GPU driven computers. This way, there was a rapid need for new software and platforms that could accommodate these changes. Alex Hern saw this as an entrepreneurial gap to be filled through business. If this was to be attained, there could be new possibilities and capabilities, which could help to usher in the new digital era. Therefore, since its inception, this firm has strived to provide for the best computer solutions to the most pressing issues.

How Alex Hern Brings Ideas to Life

Alex spends between 5-4 hours analyzing all ideas that could help to elevate his venture to the next level. He ensures that every task has its scheduled time so that he does not multitask and end up not performing at all. He advocates that the more you try to handle many tasks at the same time the more you are likely to fail. Read More.


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