According to The Guardian, Avaaz has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading activism community groups, but what sets the group apart is the fact the majority of its work is completed Online in the form of petitions designed to promote action. Avaaz came to life in 2007 and in just over a decade has used the power of a large Online community to help develop a number of interesting and powerful areas of activism that have included campaigns designed to have an impact on climate change, human rights, and poverty.

Among the campaigns Avaaz has created over the course of its lifespan have been a dedicated push to rid the world of plastic waste that is having a damaging effect on the oceans and land of the planet; climate change and environmental issues have always been a major area of concern for the leaders and supporters of Avaaz as the group has become a major supporter of campaigns to keep in place the Paris Climate Agreement recently placed under threat by the departure from the agreement by the U.S. under President Donald Trump.

One of the major misunderstandings of the Avaaz group is that it is simply an easy way for the people of the world to sign petitions in the hope of making an impact on the world; however, Avaaz has also raised millions of dollars that are used to assist in areas of the world where disasters have struck, such as Burma where a major cyclone struck the nation. Avaaz provided millions of dollars in aid that began arriving in Burma just 48 hours after Cyclone Nargis struck after coming to an agreement with local monks who streamlined the delivery of aid from that seen with the major government agencies in the country.

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