Class Dojo has been around for quite a while now and it has grown to encompass not only the United States but other parts of the world as well. Students all over the world can make use of Class Dojo’s innovative app and they are continuing to push the boundaries each year. What Class Dojo does differently than most other educational platforms is focused on communication for students. Specifically, building communication with their peers as well as teachers and parents for a more complete learning experience. Class Dojo is focused on the elementary level, where communication is the most vital.

Parents are able to stay better connected to their children by using Class Dojo as well. Throughout the day, they can check in on their child and even get a report on how they are doing and the progress they have made. Class Dojo also allows teachers to directly contact parents through the app at any time of the day to discuss their students. This is a big improvement over needing to make a telephone call during school hours or scheduling meetings during other times when everyone is usually busy.

Class Dojo first released back in 2011 and they have already become one of the most popular programs in the entire country, with more than two-thirds of all schools using the program in some form or another. Students all over the world are able to enjoy the app today as it continues to grow and they have even allowed students from different countries to communicate and share with each other as well.

More than anything else, Class Dojo is helping to improve the community throughout the entire education system. Kids are able to have fun while improving their skills and teachers can engage their students better than ever thanks to Class Dojo. With support for more than 35 languages, most students and parents can join in on this revolutionary platform with ease.


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