Clay Siegall is the man behind Seattle Genetics. He created this company in 1998 and since then has helped them to create many FDA drugs, including antibody-drug conjugates. Clay Siegall’s leadership role within his company has allowed him to create improved methods for treating many diseases including cancer.

Clay Siegall knew early on in his career that he wanted to go into business for himself. He worked for a couple other companies during his career before deciding to set out to build his own business. While working for these other companies he grew to quickly realize that he was not going to receive the credit or the money that he should be for the work he was doing. It was not long that he realized that the only way to change that was to make a name for himself by becoming a contender in the industry he was passionate about.

Although he did want to receive recognition for his hard work, the real reason he went into business for himself was an unselfish one. For him what truly motivated him was finding a way to treat this horrendous diseases in a way that would leave the patient in better condition. Cancer treatment and treatment for other diseases can cause people to get amputated and put a toll on their body’s. Clay Siegall wanted to find a way to create treatments that would be more effective and less destructive.

Clay Siegall has had intensive training that has led him to his successful career. He went to the University of Maryland where he studied Zoology and received his Bachelors Degree. From there he graduated from George Washington University where he got his Ph.D. in genetics. That coupled with his work experience gave him the skill necessary to achieve success.

The reason Clay Siegall created his company was to help the treatments and the outcome for people suffering from diseases. This desire to help stemmed from his own experience watching someone suffer from cancer. From the age of 19-24, Clay Siegall watched his father suffer and ultimately succumb to cancer. After seeing what his father went through, he knew he wanted to help put an end to it, and with the work of his company he is starting that journey.


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