You have the option of saving more money on inmate communications by becoming a part of Securus Technologies. They offer many technologically advanced solutions that give you the opportunity to talk more and spend far less. They also handled monitoring and surveillance of other network providers. You can join their network by visiting their secure website and learning more about their promotional offers and feature details. PRN Newswire did a recent article that specified that Securus is one of the largest growing inmate communication providers in the industry. They are chosen over other network providers like Global Tel-Link because of their $4 to $1 prices.


Securus Customers Catch Telecommunications Irregularities


Securus Technologies recently used the technologically advanced features provided to them to notify officials of a potential telecommunications threat. They knew that these irregularities would have resulted in additional fees. Securus tells their customers that their feedback is always appreciated and will help them to provide features that they can actually use. Their customers make up a huge part of their promotional offers and features. You never have to worry about the threat of not receiving every minute that is allotted under your contractual agreement with Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Customer Features


Online Inmate Photos


You can send your love ones in a correctional facility photos over the internet for a small fee. They never have to miss another minute of their child’s growth. Inmates can also print out their photos for a tangible copy to keep close by.


Advanced Pay Solutions


If you have a valid debit or credit card, you can pay for many Securus Technologies features in advance. You can get prepaid call credits, send money, and more with an advanced pay account. They eliminate the need of locating a pesky authorized agent in your area.


Become a part of superior Securus Technologies inmate communications network today.



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