President and Co-Founder of Staus Labs, Darius Fisher was named the business development individual of the year by the PR World Awards. They make a business of fixing any damage done in online scandals, such as data getting stolen from someone’s computer or phone. They work with social media and help with the maintenance of privacy.

Under Fisher’s leadership, the company has experienced a 935% growth in the last three years alone. Darius Fisher has been pushing the company forward as the premier online reputation management firm. This is very vital in an age like this, where a lot of our personal lives are in our computers and phones. “As an executive or a business owner, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line,” Fisher explained. Status Labs also helps maintain a good image on your search results.

So with all this success that Status Labs is experiencing, Fisher was awarded by the PR World Awards. He got there by helping build a world-class client base, which speaks for itself regarding marketing. Another reason Status Labs is doing so well is that Fisher makes it a priority to keep his employees happy, motivated, and ready to work. He does this by having sales incentives, performance awards, and hosting team building events such as community service.

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  1. Theresa August 8, 2018 at 10:29 am

    Status Labs a chief online notoriety administration, computerized showcasing, and advertising firm. Fisher’s organization keeps on improving in the advertising business which is the reason Status Labs and Fisher are looked so exceedingly upon. It is simply the only way for to better help them avoid the bad notoriety that they already have going.


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