Overturning Citizens United is a big priority with the way that campaigns are currently financed and run. End Citizens United has already announced plans to increase spending during 2018 election processes. They are interested in improving the number of Democrats that are elected in order to enhance campaign finance reform and changes in legislation.

Four Republicans are being targeted as part of ongoing efforts to maximize the efficiency and equality of campaign processes. All four of the identified parties are from California and have been on a list for some time. Mimi Walters, Darrell issa, Dana Rohrabacher and Duncan Hunter are being further identified in order to have campaign funds analyzed and understood in terms of rules that have been followed.

There are a lot of opportunities in California for improving the way that finances are allocated and used. Tiffany Muller implores further research as the executive director of End Citizens. The investigations require Hunter to explain the nature of his current misuse of campaign funds. Issa is also being evaluated with regards to the source of funding which seems to have come from telecommunication companies as private investors, and End Citizens United’s lacrosse camp.

End Citizens United has spent more than twenty five million dollars in the 2016 elections and continue to make a difference each year. There are plans to improve the way that voters take part in the political process at large. There has been consistent funds raised including more than eleven million dollars as of last October alone. It has not been announced exactly how many resources will be allocated to the investigation of California representatives and district officials in question, and http://endcitizensunited.org/about/.

End Citizens United has made significant improvements to the way that expenditure takes place in the campaign process. They have improved the way that spending takes place in addition to the standards of operation that influence existing campaign management. They are one of the most organized and largest operating groups that manages investments as well as the progress of campaign finance reform. They have helped to elect multiple officials into office and are continually engaged in the political process. Grass roots methods have been largely responsible for their success as they plan to raise larger figures each year. The 2018 election features one of their highest goals of thirty five million dollars.

Overall End Citizens United is committed to improving legislation and appealing the Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United. These previous changes to legislation have opened up elections to dark or black money in addition to other practices which may not be the most beneficial for the people. Addressing incumbent issues within campaign finance and reform will ultimately shape the way that End Citizens operates and the districts where political elections take place on a regular basis, and Twitter.com.


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  1. Alannah Raul August 28, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    I agree and I’m in full support of what they are doing. The country is in dear need of reforms and if pressure groups like EndCitizens do not stand up status quo will remain. Also essay writing order has come and in mass to make their stand known. They have shown commitment so far that they want a more improved legal system. With reforms we can have a better system in this country.


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