If you’re not too familiar with cancer research, then now is the time to learn a bit of information about one of its key figures. If you’re already aware of cancer research, then you exactly know who this person is. For those who don’t, Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the cancer-research community’s most influential figures. This man has truly dedicated his life to save other people’s lives. Dr. Siegall is the head man in charge at Seattle Genetics. This oncology company studies, manipulates and commercializes antibody-based therapies. These are some of the most progressive medications for fighting cancer.

Dr. Siegall has been around for a long time, and he started his professional career as senior researcher. The National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Cancer Institute were some of the organizations that he has worked with. Dr. Siegall wanted to do more with his life and the death of a family member is what pushed him into cancer research. “I saw how brutal cancer treatments were back in the day,” said Siegall. Chemotherapy, and other forms of cancer treatments could kill the cancer cells in the body, but they would also kill some of the good cells in the body. Fast-forward to 2018 and Seattle Genetics’ antibody-drug conjugates are leaving all other cancer-fighting medications in the dust. These powerful therapies will not attack the good cells in the body, which drastically cuts down on sickening side effects.

Seattle Genetics has many advanced medications in its pipeline and at least four of them are ready for the market. As of now, the company’s ADCETRIS medication is generating large amounts of revenue. Seattle Genetics’ market value is well-over $10 billion. Dr. Clay Siegall has certainly made his presence known in cancer research, and he will continue to push for bigger and better things in the years to come.


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