Tempus is a rising health tech corporation categorized as groundbreaking for its evidence-driven way of doing things, and the vast number of aspects juggles in its research and development of health tech to combat several kinds of cancer.

The Tempus company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky and is his foremost focus for the past four years since the companies launch in 2014. Tempus has the goal to bring about a new way of treating cancer patients that will be far more effective yet gentle on the patients’ organism as current procedures have not evolved nearly as much as they should have and rather abrasive and can lead to complications. Tempus believes medicine needs to be based on substantial evidence and that treatments need to be actively personalized to the patient. The mission that Tempus has established for itself is to bring about all of that.

In its work, Tempus does a variety of research making use of a plethora of processes such as liquid biopsy of DNA free of cells, Sequencing of tumors, germline DNA, RNA sequencing, cancer testing, machine learning, medical imaging, drug testing, pathology, and many other procedures. Tempus is also collaborating with a number of medical centers and cancer centers, experts, and tech companies providing Tempus with anything they might need.

The corporation is adamant about compiling s much data about cancer patients as possible including handwritten notes it is the most common way of storing information about the patients in detail. That posed a problem for the corporation, and so Tempus developed software to read and analyze the handwriting of experts and practitioner from different nations and store them in a vast database.

Tempus has received vast recognition for its work having been described as future0bringing and groundbreaking. In the past handful of years, there have been several businesses patenting groundbreaking health tech advancements such as the pathogen sequent=cing technology, the glucose sensors to dose insulin directly, the smartwatch that measure the wearer’s blood pressure, and many more.

Medicine and technology go hand in hand, and they will continue to intertwine in the future.

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