Women with coarse, frizzy, curly hair have been suffering in the hands of potent shampoos with ingredients that dry and strip the hair more with detergents and sulfates.

They’ve alternated from several techniques to clean their hair:

  • No daily shampooing, shampoo only 2-3 times a week.
  • Use dry shampoo to clean the hair.
  • Cleanse the hair using only conditioner, not shampoo.
  • Braid the hair and shampoo less often, like only once a month.
  • Use apple cider vinegar for rinsing
  • Many other weird techniques

But now women can rejoice! This new generation of dual-action cleansing conditioners that cleanses and AT THE SAME TIME moisturizes the hair has finally appeared on the hair scene. These new hair products, such as those found on the WEN hair care product line, have given women a lot to thank for – they offer gentle cleaning with no harsh effects and even deliver a smoothness that every woman desires.

Why Women are Switching Over to Cleansing Conditioners

Most women have thrown away their shampoos and switched over to the new generation cleansing conditioners. Here are their reasons:

  • Traditional shampoos often leave their hair dry, coarse, damaged, and brittle. These cleansing conditioners have awesome conditioning formulas that leave the hair clean, soft and smooth.
  • With regular shampoos, there are several steps to getting a clean hair – wet hair-apply shampoo-massage on the hair and scalp-rinse-apply conditioner-rinse again. With cleansing conditioners, it doesn’t take a long time to wash the hair. Just wet hair-massage on the hair and scalp-rinse, and it’s done!
  • After shampooing, the hair is dull, frizzy and very difficult to manage. The hair needs regular blowouts and lots of hair taming products to control the frizz. After semi-controlling the frizz, the hair still feels wiry to the touch. But after using cleansing conditioners, the hair feels soft and very manageable, the frizz is somewhat minimized and controlled, the hair feels bouncy and soft.

WEN is a revolutionary hair product that stunned the billion-dollar shampoo market. When all the big shampoo brands kept trying to improve shampoos, WEN, created by stylist to the stars Chaz Dean, turned around the direction of hair care by creating a non-shampoo hair cleaner that both cleans and conditions hair without stripping the natural hair oils. The introduction of the very innovative cleansing conditioner completely wiped out shampoo from the vocabulary of many women.

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And now with many competitors entering the fray, fighting to get a share in the suddenly booming cleansing conditioner market, WEN hair is still leading the rest by a wide margin in most surveys. It only proves that the first may not always be the best, but WEN, whether first or not, is THE best in the market.

I’m happy to say that I have been using WEN cleansing conditioners for years. After I used them, I never went back to my old shampoo again! I cannot imagine how my hair life will be now without these cleansing conditioners. They are a vital part of my hair care regimen now.

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