Life Insurance Around The Globe

Life insurance is one of the most important purchases anyone can make. When we pass away, we live bills and other expenses that our loved ones must pay no matter what. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in providing that exact sort of service. Founded in France, AXA provides life insurance to people across the world who want to make sure they don’t leave their loved ones buried in debt or those who simply want to plan for their futures.. Currently, AXA is headed by financial protection expert Vinny Parascandola. Using his education and experience in finance, he has helped the company build up its standing around the world. In fact, his expertise is so well respected he has won multiple awards for excellence in management.

Developing Financial Expertise

Prior to joining AXA in 2004, Parascandola had already served in management positions for various financial firms. His experience at these companies made him perfect for an international life insurance company such as AXA. Thanks to his work, the services offered at AXA extend well beyond the traditional offerings of life insurance. Customers of AXA can receive assistance in planning for retirement, college, and investments as well. The variety of help customers can receive is exactly why AXA has grown into the international empire it is today. Vinny Parascandola understands what it takes to run an insurance company and he doesn’t hesitate to make necessary moves.

About Vinny Parascandola

Parascandola has spent more than 25 years in the securities industry. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science from Pace University, he immediately entered the world of life insurance and hasn’t looked back. Throughout these years he has gained massive amounts of experience in understanding how to make sound financial planning and how to direct financial experts who can help customers protect their assets and prepare for the future ahead of them.. His expertise has allowed him to head AXA, a French based insurance company with international holdings. Focusing on life insurance and annuities, AXA provides financial security through nearly 6000 financial professionals. Check out his Linked In professional page for more information.



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