Many fans of YouTuber Kim Dao know that she recently left her job in Tokyo. Although Kim is sad to leave Japan, she’s excited for the future of her YouTube channel and career. To commemorate her time in Japan, Kim Dao put together a montage vlog entitled “My Last Week in Japan | Kim Dao.” Learn more:


In the first clip, Kim Dao takes viewers to a hedgehog café. Kim actually gets to pick up a cute hedgehog and pet him very gently.


Right after the hedgehog café footage, Kim Dao eats a traditional Japanese noodle dish. She also inserts a clip of a beautiful river with tons of boats floating around. Kim Dao explores this park area in greater detail in the next few clips. Kim also shows off a delicious vanilla-matcha ice cream cone. Learn more:


Next, Kim Dao takes us shopping with her in the Harajuku section of Tokyo. She buys a few vacuum-seal bags for her clothes and blankets. After leaving Daiso, Kim Dao goes into Stylenanda to check out the latest in Korean makeup. She says Stylenanda’s prices in Tokyo are far higher than the Stylenandas in South Korea.


If you want to see everything Kim Dao bought in Harajuku, no worries. She films a mini “shopping haul” the next morning.


After her shopping haul, Kim Dao goes out for dinner with YouTuber Mimei. Mimei orders a mushroom salad, but Kim Dao decides to order some “breakfast for dinner.” Kim eats a bunch of pancakes with warm maple syrup and butter. The two friends celebrate their final meal together with some ice cream. Learn more:



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