The ability to sell and purchase items necessary when playing video games online has been made easy through OPSkins trading platform that allows easy and fast virtual transactions to occur. Currently branded number one option for virtual trading, OPSkins intends to raise the bar even high. In addition to its ranking, OPSkin is also regarded globally as bitcoin’s number one merchant with the majority of people who use bitcoin to trade only sourcing them from OPSkins.

Online traders and clients from all continents flock OPSkins since it provides them with one of the most secure and safe platforms to be able to execute micro-payments. The platform availed by OPSkins has made payment transactions online to be much easy as it has dispelled the many challenges that complicated it before, and

In praising OPSkins for pioneering the advancement of making online trading much easy, it is important also to note and understand that it faces some challenges that face the platform it provides. These main problems are two and are namely fraud done by hackers and fragmentation. These two challenges have otherwise been known to posse the same challenge to all centralized marketplace in virtual platforms used for transacting, and Malcolm CasSelle’s lacrosse camp.

In tackling this issue, the same pioneers that developed OPSkins have come up with a new way of solving these two problems through the new WAX platform that also allows virtual trading. WAX in full name is World Asset eXchange and its uniqueness is its use of a decentralized system when effecting the purchase and sale of virtual assets among traders who use virtual currency, and

The technology employed by WAX involves the use of simple widget blockchain which facilitates real-time selling and purchasing of desired virtual assets. The most important feature of WAX is that one is not required to log out of their games before carrying out the transaction.

Leading both these unique virtual trading platform is Mr. Malcolm CasSelle who acts as the President this is beside him being the CIO of OPSkins. Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur, and contact him.

He is a graduate of MIT where he did his undergraduate degree doing Computer Science. He went to Stanford University for his master’s degree in the same field. His career path saw him work as CTO at NetNoir he had then proceeded to work for Pacific Century CyberWorks, and read full article.


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