Michael Hagele offers general counsel for an array of technology companies in defense, aerospace, biotechnology, and internet industries. He is also an avid investor in technology companies that are in their early stages. He is also a founder and investor in many restaurant and hospitality industries.

Michael Hagele is very experienced in drafting, negotiating, and closing technology as well as licensing distribution and development agreements in international and domestic Internet settings. He is also experienced in telecommunications, software, and hardware. He has negotiated many commercial agreements and has managed many legal affairs such as intellectual property strategy, employment issues, corporate governance, and merger acquisition. He has also worked in the online commerce and licensing division at Fenwick & West LLP. Read more about Michael at premiergazzete.com

He has learned many important lessons along the way, and he has found that the best person for the job will always be chosen to deal with the presented problem and that inventions will continue to evolve. He starts each day by going over his daily tasks and addresses the most important matters first.

Michael Hagele likes to ride his bike to clear his head, and he is a strong believer in tenacity. He feels that tenacity is needed to bring an idea to life and that everything that has a good outcome has a specific process.

He is very intrigued by artificial intelligence and can see many useful applications for programming. Machine learning is very big these days, and it is only growing in popularity. It also makes it possible to discover unclear concepts and makes it possible for program expansion.

Michael Hagele is an entrepreneur who has a habit of always putting the customer first. It helps him to relate to the customer and to understand the customer better in order to be able to serve them better.

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