Michael Hagele a graduate from University of California Berkeley and a holder of business administration from Lowa University is a renowned entrepreneur who has been of great significance to the corporate world. Over the years he has worked in various fields helping in negotiations, drafting and closing of deals to do with software and hardware, internet in domestic and international levels, telecommunications including promotions and marketing. Moreover, he has helped corporate finances acquire in sales and purchasing of properties. Currently, Michael Hagele founded his firm where he works as a counsel for technological companies such as research to develop software, designing, consulting and creating products for biotechnological industries and aerospace. He has also helped to establish startup industries by investing in them especially those dealing in hospitality and restaurants. Follow Michael Hagele on Medium

According to him, that which pushed him into beginning a business of his own is the need to provide high quality services to clients at an affordable price. The trend of artificial intelligence involving genetic applications excites him a lot because through it, they have been able to develop an application that uses patterns and algorithms to determine appropriate use of funds in the non-profit organizations. Michael Hagele encourages the entrepreneurs to use social media to improve their businesses because it enables connections to clients. While at school, he was able to work at a car wash in a winter, this really helped him to push up in his educations so as to avoid working in the same conditions now.

Furthermore, he advises on participating in physical activities which not only help in being healthy but also helps in clearing mind leaving room for new ideas in resolution of issues. From his view, being successful in business involves overcoming challenges through tenacity, therefore being able to acquire new information which is incorporated into the business. In addition, having team members who are looking for the success of the business goes a long way to enabling achieving targets and goals to the business as compared to those interested in pay. In conclusion, Michael Hagele encourages on putting a client’s needs in the forefront for any business to prosper. More so for people working for legal counsel, ensuring that the clients’ needs are met and how it will affect them should be one’s concern. Learn more: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/191140



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