Oncotarget is a weekly, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary medical journal. Publishing open-access articles online, Oncotarget provides a platform for scientists to contribute and share information quickly. Oncotarget was initially founded as a journal on oncology, but having been shown to provide quality papers that are heavily cited, Oncotarget has begun accepting papers on multiple disciplines. The platform already in place will allow researchers from across the biomedical sciences to exchange information and expand opportunities for collaboration. Exchange of ideas between fields is one of the best weapons in the fight against disease. By removing boarders between specialties and improving the speed at which information can be shared, Oncotarget strives to fulfill its mission of seeing a world without disease. All published papers are vigilantly peer reviewed. Maintaining the rigor and integrity of scientific publishing must always remain a central principle in any journal. This can only be true when these values are nurtured by those reviewing submissions on impactjournals.com and holding them to high standard. The reviewers working with Oncotarget are some of the leading scientists in the world.

While Oncotarget provides a valuable platform to publish work on scimagojr.com, it also provides a valuable source for finding papers to cite. In keeping with the up-to-date format that online journals provide, Oncotarget began using Altmetric Attention Score to track the Impact Factor of publications. As a whole, Oncotarget has a 5-year Impact Factor of 5.415. Altmetrics tracks the impact of a paper online and in traditional citations in real time, giving an update IF that is displayed in a visible graphic format on msubmit.net. The value of seeing this data can provide as much information about the nature of research as the research provides in its specialty. Impact Factor is feedback for authors on how much attention their work is garnering from their peers. For readers, Impact Factor can act as another tool in evaluating the value of a paper and reinforcing their own works accuracy.


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