Paul Mamphilly has been working with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company for so many years. He is known as one of the most successful investors in the United States, and he is publishing a journal entitled Profits Unlimited. He aims to help the American Public on how they can deal with their finances, and how to better manage them. According to Paul Mamphilly, the majority of Americans does not know how to manage their finances, and they end up bankrupt. Paul Mamphilly also noted that the reason why he wanted to help the people is for them to become more financially literate, and he expressed the importance of being a financially literate individual.

Through writing articles, he believes that he is connecting to a lot of Americans. In actuality, he did not expect that he will end up being a writer. When he finished his studies at the Montclair State University, he received a Finance and Accounting degree from his alma mater. It was his dream to become a well-known entrepreneur and businessman, which is why he took up a degree similar to what he wanted to do. He then worked with several companies, and he learned how to manage huge hedge funds. He can turn millions of dollars into a billion dollar investment, and he is one of the most sought-after individuals in the industry. However, he noticed that he is only servicing the rich, and it is them who only get richer. Paul Mamphilly decided that he will now be changing his game, offering his services to small-time entrepreneurs and individuals who only want to learn more about investing.

By the time he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mamphilly has the determination to shift careers and become a writer instead. Writing from his heart, he managed to get a lot of subscribers for his publications. The current record that he has is about 60,000, and he is hoping that these numbers would rise in the next few years. Paul Mamphilly wanted to thank everyone who played a huge part in his development as a financial expert.Today, Paul Mamphilly continues to write articles for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company as an editor. He would always focus his write-ups about the topic concerning the financial industry. He would also give tips and tricks on how to become successful in managing finances and trading with the stock market.


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