Sheldon Lavin’s commitment and his expertise have helped OSI Group to become the leading company in the food production globally. OSI Group has achieved these accomplishments because of its ability to turn its challenges into opportunities under the leadership of Sheldon.Currently, OSI Group is among the leading food producer throughout the world. OSI Group has risen from a local retail shop to an international enterprise that is sustaining the world as a whole with the food supply. It started by supplying fresh meat to McDonald’s Corporations; today OSI Group is supplying food to many large companies in the world through the help of its dedicated chief executive, Sheldon Lavin.

In 1970,Sheldon Lavin was still involved in his previous job as an investment manager as well as the bank executive.  At that time, Otto and his sons, the initial owners were struggling to find funds to finance the new opportunity that they had found of supplying fresh meat to McDonald’s restaurants. Mr. Lavin stepped in as a financial advisor of the company. The work of Lavin at the firm increased, and in 1975 he was given a partnership at the company, and as a result, the company was rebranded from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. His full-time engagement at the company aided in opening markets abroad. Lavin within no time became the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of OSI Group.

OSI Group continued with its expansion to the overseas when one of the partners retired, Lavin was left with half of the company controlling interest. At the beginning of the 2000s, the other partner chose to retire, and Lavin was left with the full control of the company.Sheldon Lavin believes in working as a team; he does not like working alone. He has achieved a lot of success through working with other people who are experienced in the food industry. For the last four decades that Sheldon has been in OSI, there have experienced low employees turnover. Lavin is not a common businessman he has risen from a simple financial consultant to owning one of the leading meat processing corporation in the United States of America. Additionally, he has obtained numerous awards in his career.


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