After approval from Placer County Planning Commission, plans for the expansion of Squaw Valley Resort are likely to go forward. While it is true that the project management will still need the final approval from the County Board of Supervisors, experts suggest that the approval from the Country Board will be a formality. For Andy Wirth, the CEO of the resort community, it is another victory for his plans to develop the entire North Shore community instead the Squaw Valley Resort, only.

According to reports, the expansion of the Squaw Valley Resort will include building more tourist housing for large number of tourist visiting the area. The proposal for the expansion also cited numerous work opportunities that will be available to local workforce once the expansion plan is approved.

Regarding the resort expansion, it must be noticed that the main hurdle to the development is increasing traffic problems. Opponents of the plan suggested that such expansions will likely cause a lot of traffic congestion in the area, which regularly sees traffic jams, particularly in the Winter season. Therefore, any expansion plan will need to take into account the added burden on the clogged transportation facilities in the area.

According to CBS, after his meeting with the Placer County Commission, Andy Wirth explained that he fully understand these problems. As such, he insisted that he has assured the Commission that his company is eager to develop a major transportation hub in the area. He claimed that his proposal for the upcoming transportation infrastructure will be ready for voters as early as this fall or the next. Read more: Andy Wirth Elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

In fact, the transportation plan not only includes development in the Placer County, but it will include the proposal to join all North Lake Shore communities. For Andy, such a proposal make sense as it will allow local resort communities to share their resources and divert traffic to alternate venues.

Jesse Patterson, deputy director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, is among those who is an outspoken critic of further development in the area. However, after meeting with Andy, he also praised the proposed plan.

According to Jesse, the only drawback of Andy’s proposal is the fact that it is still on paper. Without concrete steps to implement such projects, there is no way for the local community to evaluate future plans. As for now, the community will need to trust Andy’s commitment based on his reputation.


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