Staffing is an important and necessary part of getting industrious, earnest, hardworking people into your company, thereby helping the employees and the company grow and prosper. Companies do not have the time nor the personnel to vet new employees. Businesses benefit from staffing agencies because they handle payroll, taxes and other weighty functions businesses face. On the other hand, temporary employees benefit from possible long-term or permanent jobs with the assigned company and the chance to use their skills with different companies. Staffing services meet the needs on both sides of the employment spectrum.

Diversant LLC presents staffing options to Fortune 500 and intermediate companies. “The company offers a range of IT staffing services, including IT staff augmentation, contingent, temporary, and direct hire solutions for various contracts and permanent positions; user experience design services; and diversity initiatives, such as veterans programs and minority business enterprise programs.” Additionally, it affords those looking for a job it affords potential employees jobs ranging from “creative designers, IT auditors, project managers and other technological positions.

John Goullet a prime participant of Diversant, LLC serves as Chairman of this highly recognized company. His knowledge as past founder and Chief Executive Officer in 1994 of Info Technologies, Inc. is a secure foundation on which he helps run Diversant LLC. Mr. Goullet attended Ursinus College in May 1983 and graduated with the full confidence that he could accomplish anything. After college, he worked in various capacities. He provided creative leadership during his 2 years at Computer Sciences Corp. Next, Mr. Goullet worked for the Constell Group for three years. For 3 years he provided knowledge and his skills to 3D Information Services. In 1986 and 1987, Goullet worked at Tsr Consultants, Island, NJ. In 1990 he joined Cap Gemini America, Edison, NJ. and contributed his useful knowledge and understanding of business until he left in 1994. Each position allows him to contribute to Diversant’s popularity and growth.

Staffing for your firm does not have to disrupt your normal work days. A company like Diversant takes the stress off of searching for the most qualified employees for your company.

Check out John’s YouTube Channel below:–1-DwI5js3mzSVtAQ


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