Before Doug Levitt founded the Greyhound Diaries he was a communicator in London. he used to broadcast from Bosnia, London and Iran for communication firms such as CNN, ABC and NBC. Doug Levitt is also a musician and a songwriter. He was able to get a Fulbright Scholarship due to how much hard he worked thus he achieved so much. He has a degree in nationalism from the London School of Economics as well as a master’s degree in Ethnic from the same school. He has always had the desire to do so much which has contributed to his success.

The Greyhound Diaries‘ purpose is to pass information via music which as a result encourages different individuals. This message is passed to people who are especially having a difficult life. The Greyhound Diaries usually used the Greyhound buses to give good messages through their music; so far this project has been able to make a traveling of 120,000 kilometers for over 10 years. Images and stories are also included in the project thus showing the challenges of life and learn more about Doug.

WPA-era is the network behind the showing and inspiration of the Greyhound Diaries. The network is able to showcase the entire image of the United States of America by using the Greyhound Diaries. This project has various places where it is able to show its work at large. They include; Woody Guthrie Center, colleges and Southern Law Center. The project has also been seen in different TV stations as well as magazines. They are; Reuters, Fox News and CNN.

The Greyhound diaries in these stations show great stories that motivate individuals to have a better life as well as solving common problems in life. The project is not only shown on TV stations and magazines but also photo exhibits and web series. The greyhound Diaries together with Doug Levitt use music as an inspiring tool to pass good and helpful information. Conflict is a common challenge today and through the Greyhound Diaries it is able to be reduced. So many people get inspired to live a good life as well as it helps in developing the society to a better place and his Twitter.


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