The United States healthcare sector has significantly grown over time. It is a gigantic industry that can match any other healthcare sector in different countries around the world, and even outmatch them with an average of $3 trillion every year. The expansion of industry has seen many players joining to acquire profits due to the vast sums of money being dispensed out there for healthcare services and other related services by the government and individual citizens across the country.

The substantial sums of money and the likelihood of acquiring huge profits might have triggered one of the world’s largest retail outlet to venture in the prescription drug industry in a bid to getting its share of profits. Reports have it that Amazon is considering venturing into the sale of drugs across the country. These rumors are reinforced by the fact that the online store has acquired a license in different states and it is ready to roll out its operations very soon.

Entry of Amazon will change the dimensions of acquiring pharmaceutical drugs as many individuals will prefer ordering online rather than covering large distances and congested roads to a drug store. Amazon is an organization with high reputation due to its efficient services and professionalism. This means that the company looks likely to be trusted by the customers.

To prepare for the upcoming battle in the drug consumption industry, CVS has acquired Aetna, a health insurance company. The company wants to dominate the industry and cover all the loopholes which might be implemented by Amazon to market its products. CVS is looking to offering all the services at under one roof which may include clinical services, prescription medicine, and health insurance services.

What CVS does not understand is that Amazon is a very efficient organization that can brush out any competitor. To overcome the efficiency services offered by Amazon, CVS will be required to seek the services of Drew Madden, an IT expert who will help the company to formulate and implement innovative strategies in the healthcare industry. Drew has been the leading expert in changing the healthcare industry to one that incorporates innovative technology which means that will offer significant knowledge in preparing CVS for its showdown with Amazon.


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