The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig is a popular hangout bar. But it doesn’t only serve drinks. It also serves food-very good food. In fact, that is where its popularity largely lies. However, the drinks aren’t all the ordinary stuff you would find at most bars, either. Although there is plenty of that sort of thing, The Spotted Pig boasts a large fine wine list. The Spotted Pig is so influential worldwide that it started the bar/restaurant combination craze. Today The Spotted Pig and such bars around the world are called Gastropubs. The Spotted Pig and Gastropubs in general are known for being places where making a reservation is not necessary and you can pop in for a bite whenever.

Red Farm

You will find the Red Farm in New York City’s West Village. The restaurant is very proud-and rightfully so of its extra fresh produce and seafood. Especially popular and delicious are its famous shrimp dumplings and duck spring rolls. The original culinary creations by the Red Farm chefs are so beautiful and awesome that diners frequently take pictures of the food masterpieces served them. The restaurant also specializes in preparing for large groups and events with large private spaces to accommodate such things.

Tarallucci e Vino

Taralluci e Vino is a gorgeous private event establishment with two large event spaces. All events are cooked and catered for in-house by world-class chef, Riccardo Bilotta. The first of these spaces, The Mezzanine, is suited for gatherings of 30 to 80 people has a bar, lounge area, brick tables, antique cabinets, artwork, and a wine cellar. The second is the Sixth Floor Loft which has room for 50 to 120 guests and has a bar, lounge area, custom-made tables, and chandeliers. Both venues are specially designed for comfort and as a great place to just hang out.

The Tarallucci team is absolutely committed to making events at all of its locations as perfect as possible. But the very best element of Tarallucci e Vino remains its food and wines. As mentioned, its fine dining is helmed by a world-famous chef and its superb wine list is collected from some of the best vineyards in Italy and the U.S. The waiters and waiteresses are all extremely knowledgeable about wines and are able to make excellent suggestions. Some of its locations have restaurant space for casual drop-ins and people who want to reserve a table for a small, quiet dinner. It has become a huge favorite by tourists and locals alike. Some even consider it one of the very best things about New York City.


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