Social security has been a complex topic for a very long time as many financial advisors refuse to talk about the subject. It has been noted that four out of every five people prefer to change their advisors if the advisors don’t talk about this issue. According to one David Giertz, these advisors need to speak to their clients on all matters social security. David is currently the Senior VP of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales, and he is majorly concerned on financial advisors refusing to talk to their customers on all matters social security.

David was able to know this through conducting a survey with the help of his dedicated team. The core reason for conducting the study was to clearly understand what goes on and why financial advisors are not performing their obligations at His sample size consisted of retired personnel, and he found that almost all of them complained of not having the information regarding social security from their financial advisors.

From the survey, David Giertz concluded that most financial advisors deferred from this topic due to its complex nature. Having more than two thousand rules that ought to be well comprehended by the advisors, they find it easy not to discuss the issue with their customers. According to Giertz on, this is not reason enough for them not to discuss the issue with their clients as they can choose the fundamental rules and employ them when discussing the matter of social security with their customers.

With the help of social security, clients are in a position of enhancing their retirement incomes faster. The advisors ought to speak to their customers on the matter of social security considering their revenue comes from their client’s retirement planning on which is also covered by social security. Thus it is important for every individual to know about social security before retiring.


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