The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Ivy. The American Institute of Architects was proud to make the announcement, as Ivy is the first architect to be awarded the Polk Award.

This Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Awards, reserved for living Mississippi artists and art patrons, who have made a contribution to their field while creating extraordinary art. To date, there are numerous well-known artists from Mississippi that have made the list including, Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote and a few others.

One of the positions that CEO Robert Ivy has taken is to make architecture more accessible to the general population. He isn’t just an architect, but he is also an artist, a writer, and an expert in his field. This is what sets him apart from other architects that may have been a part of this in the past. He is now regarded as a great ambassador for the field of architecture, and the honor for him is quite personal in nature.

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McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record, was once reviewed by Ivy when he held the position as Editor-in-Chief. The magazine won numerous awards, and Ivy himself helped the magazine win awards as he continued to aid in their growth in China as well. Also as a writer, Ivy was regarded for his first and only authoritative biography at this time. Fay Jones: Architect, was published in 2001 and is now on its third edition. Additionally, this biography was noted as portraying the highest of standards in scholarship, design, and production.

During his time with the AIA, Ivy has been focused on growing the footprint of the AIA around the world. Bringing global attention to the field has changed the way people view architecture. It is no longer viewed as just a portion of design but rather it is now revered as an art form, and a solid foundation to what gives engineering a platform to build on. There are now seven chapters of the AIA around the globe, all due in no small part to the work of Robert Ivy.

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